Osteoporosis means, literally, “porous bones,” and is a debilitating disease that can lead to bone fracture. More than 52 million Americans have low bone density   and are at risk for osteoporosis— 80% are women. DEXA scans (which stands for Dual-Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry) are an advanced test available for measuring bone density. If a loss of bone mass is discovered, especially early,  patients can receive treatment to prevent breakage and further loss. Chestnut Hill Hospital is proud to offer this advanced test, and echoes the National Osteoporosis Foundation’s recommendation that women over 65 should get a DEXA scan every two years to diagnose bone density loss and hopefully prevent osteoporosis.

A new feature of our DEXA Scanner is the detection of vertebral fractures. A vertebral fracture assessment (VFA) combined with bone percentage density provides superior prediction of fracture risk. VFA is completed in about 10 seconds and there is a very low dose of radiation (1% of conventional X-rays). The study is easy and safe for patients. Many insurance companies cover this additional scan.

To find out if you're covered or to schedule a DEXA appointment, please call: (215) 248-8400